Age 4-6 Class


If you were to peek in on a Let’s Play Music class, you would see jumping, singing, skipping, storytelling, and laughing! As musical concepts and skills are presented in a playful, joyful setting, children absorb knowledge and ability. The Let's Play Music curriculum is organized into three sequential years and the student graduates and moves on to private lessons. 

Children age 4-6 can enroll in 1st Year and they continue consecutively until they graduate from the 3rd Year curriculum and then move onto private lessons. (Piano, violin, voice, etc.) 

1st Year (Semester Names) Red Balloons / Blue Bugs: In the first year, we use engaging games and songs and incorporate tone bells to teach staff awareness, ear training, advanced theory concepts, and rhythm skills. We also focus on developing the inner ear, vocal channeling, and singing on pitch. 

2nd Year (Semester Names) Green Turtles / Yellow Arrows: In the second year, we transfer these skills to the piano where we learn chord notation, intervals, and harmonic improvisation. We also begin singing in harmony using rounds and canons.

3rd Year (Semester Names) Purple Magic/ Orange Roots: By the end of the third year, students are playing piano at a level 1-2, transposing music, composing their own music, sight-reading, and sight-singing, have developed relative pitch, understand classical form, and are prepared to excel in further private piano instruction or any other instrument of their choice.



  • 15 lessons per semester
    • 1st Year: 45-minute classes - Parent attends twice a month
    • 2nd Year: 50-minute classes - Parent attends once a month 
    • 3rd Year: 55-minute classes - Parent attends once a month





1st year Class: (class list does not guarantee availability.  Click on Register, Step #1 link to see open classes)

Monday 1:15pm

Monday 5:15pm

Classes begin August 19, 2024

If you register after August 3, 2024, a $10 late processing fee will be charge when ordering materials. See Let's Play Music terms and conditions.



Why should I attend a Sample Class? 

  • Attending a Sample Class will help you experience the magic of a real class! 
  • You'll see how the curriculum creates the ideal learning setting of play & discovery. 
  • You'll see how your child responds to the class and if it will be a good fit. 
  • I will take time after class to answer your questions and help you determine if enrolling is a good option. 

How can I attend a Sample Class?