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Parent Orientation 2023

Saturday, August 12, 2023 by Jennifer Farnsworth | Uncategorized

1st Year Red Balloons THURSDAY, AUG 17TH AT 7:30PM NEW TIME

2nd Year Green Turtles MONDAY, AUG 14TH AT 6:15PM

3rd Year Purple Magic THURSDAY, AUG 14TH AT 7:15PM

Sound Beginnings - NO Pre-class Orientation

Parent Orientation is Mandatory and is the first step to set your child up for a successful year. 

If you did not get an email, please check with me. 

Spirit Month 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023 by Jennifer Farnsworth | Uncategorized

To share my love to each of my families, I can't wait to Celebrate Spirit Month with you.

Share the Love (more info here)

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tag corporate #weloveLPM2023

December Giveaway

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 by Jennifer Farnsworth | Uncategorized

JenF Plays Music December Giveaway

Win this Christmas 8-Note Bell Book 

(can be used with tone bells, or read the notes on the piano)

Every current STUDENT enrolled in JenF Plays Music can be entered to win!!

1- Follow Me on Social Media: One or Either (1 entry per platform)

Jenf plays music on Facebook: NEW BUSINESS PAGE

Jenfplaysmusic on Instagram:


2- Follow Let’s Play Music Let's Play Music on Social Media 1 or both: If you're already following me, skip to step 3, I have a NEW facebook page from a few months ago. 

Let’s Play Music - Making Musicians on Facebook 

letsplaymusic_official on Instagram

3- Message, DM, or Text me (801.420.7814) so I KNOW!!  

Contest ends Saturday, Dec 17th at midnight.

BONUS ENTRY: Post your child enjoying Let’s Play Music or Why You Love LPM and tag ME.  If you’re willing, tag corporate too.  If your account is private, screenshot your post and send it to me.