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Spirit Month 2024

Sunday, March 10, 2024 by Jennifer Farnsworth | Uncategorized

Excited kiddos-3.jpegIt's Spirit Month and there are some fun ways to celebrate this month.

There are two sections to this email. My Studio Spirit Week Celebration and The Let's Play Music Spirit Month Giveaways (BIG prizes). Visit Studio News on my website for updates.

JenF Plays Music Studio Spirit Week Mar 6th-21st Music BINGO

You child will be given a Bingo Page in their class over the coming week!

Follow the Bingo Page Instructions on how to win tickets and prizes!  Tickets will go into prize drawings for each level of Sound Beginnings and Let's Play Music and a 

1678476774445.pngStudio Grand Prize drawing for Movie Tickets1648013607110.png

(other prizes are music books, harmonica, Swig Card, AND MORE).  Ticket totals are due back March 21st.

Additional Prizes and Tickets:

  • Registering for Fall Classes earns 1 prize & 1 ticket 
  • Each social media post earns an additional ticket
  • Google Review earns a ticket and a prize
  • Bingo Blackout (extra tickets and a prize)
  • 3rd year students can earn a ticket and prize by sending me a video of themselves playing their composition, or parts of it... but THEY HAVE TO BE PLAYING IT)

(see Bingo Sheet for easy QR Code Links)

1678476775217.pngThe Let's Play Music LEVEL that earns the most tickets,

will earn a Pizza Party the week of Recital Practice!!

Let's Plays Music National Spirit Month Giveaways!

Exciting giveaways each Friday beginning Mar 8 over social media. We will automatically give a $50 gift card to anyone who's post we re-post. (this would only be someone who is already public)

  • Company contest rules
    • Participants need to use the hashtag #weloveLPM2024
    • Tag and follow @letsplaymusic_official
    • Be enrolled in Fall classes
    • Tag your Teacher @JenFPlaysMusic
    • Post according to instructions for that week
    • Have a public profile, at least for the week they are entering the contest
    • Prizes
      • March 4-8: an iPad
        March 11-15: $250 cash
        March 18-22: 2 Disneyland tickets
        March 26-30: a fully weighted keyboard

We Love LPM Images attached and found on their Social Media Pages