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NEW Covid Policy

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 by Jennifer Farnsworth | Uncategorized

I have been hearing Nebo School District will be updating their current covid policy but I have yet to see it.

Since Omicron is spreading so quickly right now, here is my current policy based largely on CDC and local Pediatrician guidelines.

If your child or family has been sick Your Child is welcome to class IF:

♩it has been 5 or more days since your child was first sick, 

♩AND fever free for 48 hours

♩AND have only mild lingering cold symptoms (runny nose and cough that they can manage on their own), SOMETIMES A COUGH DROP REALLY HELPS DRY THROATS AS WE SING AND USE DEEPER PARTS OF OUR VOICE

♩and you haven't been told by a dr, cdc, or school that they need to stay home.

Masks are highly encouraged during these high spread seasons.