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COVID JenF Studio Guidelines

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 by Jennifer Farnsworth | Uncategorized

Jen F Studio COVID Guidelines                        9/14/2021

*these guidelines will change as more information becomes available

As a general outline, I have stated that I’d follow Nebo School District policy with COVID guidelines… I have recently learned some details into those guidelines.

For licensing reasons, I am not allowed to zoom or record class.  I have brought up my concerns with this and will hopefully get some clarification in a Regional Meeting I have in a few weeks.

Family Exposure:

If you don’t mind testing often, it is my understanding that non sick family members must quarantine for 10 days after a family member's 10 day quarantine is over.

It is my hope that no one will need to miss more than 2 weeks of class with COVID.  If it makes a different in your child getting to class, I feel comfortable with family members getting testing at day 10 (of the sick family members) and again on day 7.  If all other families members tests are negative with both these tests, we can welcome them back to class with a mask on.

School Exposure:

Your child should be quarantined following one of the guidelines below using date of exposure as the start date: • 

Quarantine at home for 10 days • Quarantine at home for 7 days and then test on day 7. If that test is negative, and your child does not have symptoms, they may return to school • Wear a mask at school for 10 days • Wear a mask at school for 7 days and then test on day 7. If that test is negative, and does not have any symptoms, they may return to the classroom.

Overall, if your child is sick, they should stay home. If your child has a lingering runny nose or cough, which often happens this time of year, and they can manage care on their own (wiping nose, covering mouth, etc.,) and symptoms are related to allergies or lingering cold symptoms; I would suggest wearing a mask but still allowing them to come to class.  

Please be in contact with me with your child’s absence.  If you or your child is out sick, I can provide Marco Polo videos that can help with homework or new things we covered in class.  There is no reason for Marco Polo Sound Beginnings classes (just allow family play time). All classes should continue to listen to the CD, especially when out sick.